Thursday, March 1, 2007

Busy with my studies and Happy making money online;)

Dear all,
Today I have just finished a test on "Water Resources Engineering", we need to finish 3 questions in 50 minutes. Well, the time is quite short and I have a lot to write. In the end, I have tried to pour all I know about the subject on the piece of test paper! I feel kind of happy, as I have finished doing it.

After the test, I came home and found that I have made some earnings from Google Adsense. ;) Not a lot of money, but enough to make me feel all my effort and time spend are worthwhile. I really love to learn everything I need to know about internet marketing. I feel a very important factor for us to grow is to make more friends who have the same interest as you. I am currently joining some programmes conducted by my fellow National University of Singapore friends, the programs are meant to enrich my knowledge and understanding on internet marketing. There are a lot to learn and I find it quite fun to acquire the knowledge and progress steadily in the field of internet marketing. I am very confident that I will find more and more like-minded people to join me to embark on our journey to finanical freedom.
Besides marketing my business online, I did not forget about reading books. The book I am currently reading is "Transform YOURSELF" written by Ros Taylor. I find the book quite entertaining and easy to read. Since I have not finished reading the book yet, I will not reveal too much on it in this post. I will post the book review once I finish reading it.
It has been raining these few days and many people are getting sick. I think I need to exercise a bit recently in order to be fit and kick sickness away!
Well, friend, hope you have a great day ahead!
Keep acting and keep achieving!

To your greater success,

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