Monday, March 5, 2007

Busy week and Happy week!

It has been a while that I've not come back to update you all on this blog. I feel very sorry. Any reason: busy, busy, busy. Haha...that is my usual excuse. However this time I am really busy, busy with school project, and a lot of study to catch up. =)
During the weekend, I went out to give tuition to two kids-one secondary 3 and one primary 5 girl. After the 4 hours private tuition, I brought them out to a nearby bookstore to buy some exercise books and on the way back, we went to eat Korean Food. I love korean food, those hot vegetables, wow....yummy!!! I love it...My mouth is watering. =)
Last Sunday, I went to return some overdue books to the library and studied there for some time. I am a very weird girl, why??? As whenever I go to the library and see a lot of students mugging, I will get motivated immediately. It is like the students there are sending me an electric pulse to my body and I am immediately charged up and ready to study! I love our library. All my friends know what library means to me. Library = My paradise!!! This is for me, if you are like me, you may as well go to library often and get constant @inspiration@. Haha... ('',)

Stop sidetracking for a while, I am going to share some happy news with you guys out there. My blog is receiving more and more attention from you guys. Thank you for your support. I have started my internet marketing during the Chinese New Year period. By now, I have seen some income from this blog. I just checked my google ads account and find that I have $27 earnings already. Though not a huge income yet, but it gives me some motivation to continue to work hard on this site. I will do more in the future to make my posts fun and enriching for you all, and sincerely hope you will bookmark my site and visit me often. Since I am writing about my life, my work, my study and my internet business, the advertisement on my site vary constantly and are quite interesting. You can find more by exploring my site. You may find some of them quite revevant to you. You may want to check it out. =)

I love being busy and I hope that I have more than 24 hours a day. However, god is fair to all, there are only 24 hours a day for each of us. The quality of our day depends on how we spend these 24 hours. For me, posting on this blog and sharing my heart with you all once every two days is quite meaningful to me, and I will make it a routine to update my blog every two days. Of course, I hope you can revisit my blog and comment on my blog as often. Please share with me and I would like to have some interaction with you all. Voice out! I love to hear from you!!!

Well, for this week, I have 3 private tuition assignments and 1 project due on Wednesday, and one Co-Curricular activity meeting to attend, and a cca on Saturday morning. Most important of all, I will be going down to Suntec City to see the Air Fair, it is an annual event to sell cheap air tickets. I will try to buy one for my trip back to home in May. Anyone going with me: =)

I will try to decorate my blog after one week, and it will then look much prettier and it will also contains more content. And in the next post, I will share with you what I have learned since I started my internet business and also my adjusting stage of wearing braces. So just stay tuned and watch me grow! If you feel that you are benefiting from my site, please refer your friend to my site. Let's build this small community together! ('',)

To your success,

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