Saturday, May 17, 2008

Internet marketing - I am back.

Last night I went for our graduation dinner and had a great time and a great meal as well.

Since four years of university study is over and I am now enjoying my holiday. I told myself that I might as well use this opportunity to attend some seminars. The one I attended today is called eonenet, and the things they have tought us are quite refreshing and alluring. I really want to go for their 2 day seminar to polish up my skills on internet marketing. However, the price for the internet marketing seminar is quite huge, and I am still procrastinating about whether I shall join it or not. Anyway, for those of you who are studying in Singapore during October, if you have the money and if you are interested in internet marketing, I think you shoul join. It is a very good program.

Alright, I will attend more seminars on internet marketing and try to create one or two websites, in the hope of creating one or two sources of income.

It is almost 1 am in Singapore, I have completed my job for today and will come back to update on myself next time.


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