Thursday, May 22, 2008

I am back with more money-making ideas and bigger passion for the exciting life to come...

I feel so bad for neglecting my blog for so loooooooooong. My fault! I procrastinated. I promise that was the last time. I promise I will update this blog at least 3 times a week. So please look for my updates to hear my exciting story and life experiences. Hopefully you get some useful information here or just get a big laugh when you read mine. I will put some video links here now and then to make you relax at my site. Okay, let me update myself first.

I will be trained to become a secondary school teacher in July, 2008. I am excited to join the institution and to become an excellent teacher. At the same time, I want to start a few online business so that I can have some passive income. Being a teacher is my passion, creating multiple streams of income.

I have attended many seminars so far and I have got some inspirations from many successful internet entrepreneurs. I must invest $ on myself and the investment is 0% risk. I have made my mind to get started on this journey. I will work hard to make it successful. Of course, if any one of you who shares the same passion, you are most welcome. We can share ideas and work together to realise our dreams.

By the way, I am having my vacation, which means I have a lot of free time to attend seminars and give private tuition. I have been teaching private students (primary and secondary schools, subjects: mathematics, science, physics and chemistry) for about 6 years and my teaching methods are always very effective, as I like to draw cartoons and funny pictures. With these vivid pictures and diagrams, my teaching becomes very simple and effective. I am based in Singapore, and graduated from the National University of Singaopore (NUS). If you or your relatives need any help in the studies, you can always contact me and I will be very happy to share with you my knowledge and teaching methods. Please leave your email in the "comments", I will get back to you shortly.

Watch me grow up and let's embrace the exciting world!

xiaoli :)

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