Thursday, February 22, 2007

I am learning how to cook chinese food!



(You wanna learn how to cook these delicious Chinese dish in 5 minutes? Come, Let the chef Nicholas Zhou reveal his secrets to you!)

Hi, Dear friends,

Did I tell you that I was from China mainland and am currently studying in Singapore, a small country located near the Equator? Yes, I am a Chinese, I have a scholarship from Singapore government and am currently persuing my undergraduate studies at the National University of Singapore which is ranked among the world top 25 universities, in fact it is ranked 22 last year. I am so proud of it, as it is a very promising university. Well, enough bragging!

I have been here for more than 6 years, I came here in year 1999, 17th, October, when I was 16 years old. That time, I just felt so miserable living in this country, I cannot speak English, and I cannot communicate with my teachers and local friends. I remember one event vividly, during one English class, the teacher told us a joke, and the whole class started to laugh immediately except me! I asked my desk mate what was going on, how come every body is laughing, at whom? Then my friend translated the English joke to the "Chinese version", and I started to laugh. At this moment, everybody started to look at me, you can imagine how embarrassed I was at that moment! ... I felt so homesick. It was the darkest and most depressing period in my life... You may ask me why did I choose to come all the way from China to Singapore to suffer like that, it is because I want to reduce the financial burden on my parents, I was getting a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Singapore, they offer me full scholarship, I do not need to pay a cent to them. That time, as long as I do not need to pay money to have education, I was very happy already.

Later on, I went to the Number 1 junior college, Victoria Junior College, and I spent my two years there mugging and mugging, I have to, as if I do not do well, my scholarship will be terminated and I will be forced to pay school fee on my own. At this crical junction, an angel appeared in my life, Irene, she then bacame my roommate. She was a very helpful and sweet girl. Together both of us survived A Level. That is why now I am able to study at NUS.

I start to enjoy life once I enter university. During the weekend, on Saturday, I will keep myself busy by joining some extra-curricular activities, and then go out giving private tuition to earn some pocket money. On Sunday, I will try to learn something to enrich myself, like learning how to cook different types of dishes. I mean Chinese dishes. I feel so shameful to tell you that I did not learn any cooking at in China. Recently, when I surfed internet and I found an English website, which is teaching how to cook delicious and healthy chinese dishes. It is a cookbook and costs less than 20 bucks. Go and take a look. If you are just curious about learning how to Chinese dish, you can go to their site and substribe to their "Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking" Newsletter for free and they will send your email box free cooking recipes and tips. Go and get the most out of that website now. Click here. If you are not a Chinese, it is a good chance that you learn to cook some exotic and healthy chinese dishes for your loved ones, maybe after your first trial, you will fall in love with chinese dish. Chinese food can be cooked in very healthy ways, that is what this chinese chef is trying to reveal to you. If you are a Chinese, good, you can learn to cook some new dishes now.

In 35 Minutes!

Over 500 Authentic and Healthy
Chinese Recipes for Your Lifetime

In this 543-page cookbook, you'll find:

  • 338 low carb recipes

  • 289 low fat recipes

  • 356 low calorie recipes

  • 118 fruit, vegetable and vegetarian recipes

  • 22 tofu (bean curd) recipes

  • 10 rice, fried recipes

  • 65 beef recipes

  • 82 chicken recipes

  • 69 pork recipes

  • 65 seafood recipes

  • 21 noodle recipes

  • 23 soup and stew recipes

  • 46 appetizer recipes

  • 22 dessert recipes

  • 13 lamb and veal recipes

I basically learn one dish per week, until now, I have tried two dished, one of them is Mapo Dofu and the other is Wonton Soup. They tasted good. I just need some practice to polish my skills. ;)

Tell me your progress after you have started your chinese dish lesson!

Hear good news from you soon. ;)

To your success,


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