Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The very 1st Post in my Blog

Hi, all my visitors,
Welcome on board. This is my first blog. I have spent some time to modify some of the features of this blog. I hope that I can finish filling in all the main contents by the end of this Sunday. I have a lot of thoughts and contents/resources to share with you in the following posts. I just need some time to arrange them and pull them out in order so that you will not be disoriented in my blog, as you are my VIP, you deserve the best. Are you flattered? Ha ha ... I am bluffing, you will find that it is the right decision to bookmark my blog to your Favorites in the coming days.I will not keep the suspension for long, and I just need a few days to clear my university academic stuff.Do stay tuned and drop me a comment about what you want me to start a topic on if you would love to. ;)

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